Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Theme separation and adjacent images

So here is a summary of images and how we decided to group them. We all agreed that the main theme is... Dutch Independence.

Sub Theme Propaganda ( Political and religious)
1. Image 4. Perseus and Andromeda
2. Image 1. Sifter and peace offering
3. Image 26. Sifter broad sheet Maurice's coat of arms
1. Image 13 The large balance with Calvinist literature
2. Image 21 Big fish small fish proverb
Etchings that memorialize
1.Image 14 Maurice
2.Image 7 Frederik

Sub Theme Timeline of War
1. image 16 yellow sky battle scene
2.image 24 possible mt zion reference... still need more info for consideration
3. image 22 laying down arms
4. image 19 treaty/truce
5.image 17 horseshow, possible Golden Age after war

Subtheme Portraiture
1. image 5 Frederik and family, all is well, war is over etc...

This grouping helped to eliminate some images, it became less overwhelming...

Hope this helps!!


  1. Angela, I would further state that you indeed rock, as does Scott and his Amara Cakes. Heather makes a fine muse, if only she could sing or dance :) kidding, Heather is my favorite whitey.
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